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Welcome Friends

It is my pleasure to welcome your visit to this website. This is a result of my flair and firm faith of my family and friends. My first aim is to reflect my thoughts, feelings and beliefs interleaved in poems, narrated in stories or depicted in novels to inspire you and blaze your imagination and feelings to a zooming height.  

I present six key topics in this website. Briefly these topics are as follows:

Poems Under Review:

At least two recently composed poems will appear on this page for you to read and write a review. I always welcome reader’s thoughts, views, and comment.

Published Poetry Books:

All my published poetry books are featured on this page. You will find some interesting aspects of the book in the form of blurb and a brief note about me.

Published Novel(s):

A synopsis of the published novel appears on this page including a glimpse of the work in progress.

Proverbs & Axioms:

I have given a number of new Proverbs & Axioms on this page. Your views will be appreciated.

Love to Talk:

This page provides an opportunity to communicate and to know your thoughts and ideas regarding the contents of this website and or my work.

Tweets Preview:

Here you will find recently created tweets. Later on these will be posted to my Tweets Page.

That’s Life:

Some events and happenings taking place in and around our lives.

Upcoming Events:

I would like to keep visitors and readers informed about upcoming events such as Book Signing or Interviews taking place in our area, nationally or internationally.






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