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Author Mojibur Rahman Pens Chilling Psychological Drama

"A Call of Fate: An Adventure Through the Psychological Maze of True-to-Life Modern Love and Romance"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Monday, February 21,2011

Love, Lies, Means and


Love and destiny, depicted in the psychological drama A Call of Fate, interweaves wishes and wants with chilling effect.

A Call of Fate: An Adventure Through the Psychological Maze of True-to-Life Modern Love and Romance takes readers through a maze of love, hurt, pretence, manipulation and control as David strives to get his PhD. He sets out to control Sharon’s conduct to prove his hypothesis on Interpersonal Behaviour. Sharon is engaged to be married, but she plays David’s game and falls obsessively in love with him. Sharon induces moral obligation upon David by seducing him. Meanwhile, David faces criminal allegations and gets emotional support from another woman.

As the lines between truth and pretence blur, who will win this game of high stakes?

A CALL OF FATE: AN ADVENTURE THROUGH THE PSYCHOLOGICAL MAZE OF TRUE-TO-LIFE , MODERN LOVE AND ROMANCE (ISBN: 978-1-60911-714-6). Paperback Edition February 19, 2011 and can be ordered through the publisher's website besides major Retail Outlets and Online.

Now available for download as Amazon Kindle eBook, your PC and Mobile Devices.

: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/ACallOfFate.html

or at www.amazon.com  or  http://search.barnesandnoble.com

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About the Author: Raised in the Northern Indian State of Bihar, Mojibur Rahman graduated in marketing and established his own computer company in 1990. He is married with four children and now lives in Reading, England. His published books are Blush of the Rainbow and Not Just Love. He chairs a society and is a member of social and political organisations.



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Charles Manning a saviour of her life turns into an antagonist of immense inflictor of heartaches and pains whereas Monique Friedman has completely given her life in search of her saviour. Sarah’s death has caused Charles Manning a life long agony from which he is unable to escape and lays complete blame on Monique.

When they face each other once again what action Charles is going to take. Will he get revenge of Sarah’s death or would he accept Monique’s un-diminishing love? Only Jean can influence the outcome. 

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