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Published Poetry Books

Not Just Love. A Selection of 100 Poems

A Thought Provoking, Heart Rendering, and Exquisite Collection of Verses about Love, Life and Everything    in Between.

Though love is the basis of our lives, it is also embedded within the emotional, physical, material social, cultural, political, religious, and spiritual facets. Not Just Love paints a picture of the many different aspects of our lives through beautifully written poems.

Author Mojibur Rahmanís use of everyday words along with well- crafted metaphors and similes sharpens the images created in each poem, giving the reader a heightened sense of being in the moment Poems of struggle and triumph, lack and abundance, weakness and strength, war and peace and even love and hate imbue the pages. In this collection,

Mojibur Rahman interweaves poems of disparate shades of sentiments, setting this book apart from other anthologies. Every reader will find something they can relate to and this diverse compilation will truly touch the hearts of readers worldwide.

Published by:

Eloquent Books

An Imprint of AEG Publishing Group


ISBN: 978-1-60660-331-2


Available from: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, EBay, WH Smith, Waterstones and most of the  bookshops locally and online.

Available for download as Amazon Kindle eBook on your PC and most of the Mobile Devices.


Also available in Kindle Edition - 15 Feb 2012. Besides Kindle & Nook download on Your PC, Smart Phone, iPad and other mobile devices. Auto-delivered wirelessly.


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"Books hold secrets of the ages.

All our thoughts caged in the pages."

Blush of the Rainbow.  A Selection of 100 Love Poems.

Life is full of tears and smiles. Our delights are short lived whereas our tears leave a mark on our cheeks.

These poems paint colourful pictures of our innermost emotions such as love and hate. Love that sparks

with a smile and hate that howls into tears.


Simple words have been used to paint a picture of the story behind poems where metaphors and similes play

crucial roles to sharpen the image. The colours in the story are embedded in the form of conflicts and

contrasts in the poems. Endings are at times sad and leave a mark on our memory whereas some poems end with the happiest colours of the emotions. In Blush of the Rainbow, I present a kaleidoscopic view of life and love.


Love is all we think about, all we do and all we know. Love is much more than we can show.

Published by: PublishAmerica,LLLP

www.publishamerica.com, Baltimore.


To buy this book please click on: www.publishamerica.com

www.amazon.com , www.amazon.co.uk, www.ebay.co.uk

Available from Barnes and Noble, EBay, WH Smith, Waterstones and most of the local and national bookshops.

Available for download as Amazon Kindle eBook on your PC and most of the Mobile Devices.


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  http://blushoftherainbow.blogspot.com                    http://acalloffate.blogspot.com


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