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That's Life

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Amidst loud music, happy go lucky Ken shouted.

“Feel like dancing.”  Flexing his arms, he got up.

“Don’t look at me. There are lots of pretty girls up there.” I pointed towards the dance floor.

He joined the two girls who were dancing on their own around their handbags.

As soon as he began to sway, the girls picked up their handbags and left the dance floor. Ken returned to his seat with droopy face.

 “I only wanted their company.” He moaned.

A lady quickly stepped into the lift, as I was just about to press the ‘G’ button. Looking at her I enquired.

“Going to the ground...” and before I could complete the sentence, she turned to me and added.

 “Got a few more years to live my life at the top.”

“level,” I concluded the sentence.

“I want to live cheaply.”  Michael said with complete determination. A few months later he sold his house and moved to Honduras.

Five months later he grudgingly spoke to me about his momentous move.

“ I lost 15% of my capital due to currency devaluation and then lost 43% in share dealings. Altogether I have lost more than half of my capital from the sale of my house.” He sadly complained.

Now he chants, “ Oh! What a costly living?”

Sitting opposite to a lady in the Buffet Car I asked.

“Where are you going?”

“Birmingham!”  She replied.

“I know, I’m right. This train is for Bristol and not Birmingham.” I confidently argued.

A gentleman sitting on the next table swayed a little towards me and whispered.

“There was an alteration notice at the platform which read Birmingham. So you are wrong.”

“Railways! They always place wrong trains at the right platform.” I grinned feeling a bit silly.

Cashed a cheque at my bank. Then I realised that I needed some small change. So, I went back to the counter.

“Could I have ten pounds worth of one pound and 50 Pence coins please?”       I asked the cashier. She asked me if I had an account there. So I replied.

“Do I need to have small account to get small change?”

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