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Hypersensitivity is the ultimate realisation of self-awareness.

Third Law of Emotion is to respond equally but negatively to the temperament of the person concerned.

To hype hatred towards an individual or a group of people is immoral and beyond forgiveness.

Time is a factor in any event, which cannot be eliminated by refuting the occurrence of event(s).

Our future is embedded in our past.

Whether or not we connect with the people depends upon the stage in life we are in.

Lack of concern makes social justice ineffective.

Politics is a repressive factor in the process of governance if it is propagated with self-interest in mind.

If one group condemns the other then both are condemned.

Love is heaven whereas hate is hell.

News creates awareness views creates state of opinion.

The basis of just society is the quality of knowledge we receive.

Our deeds reflect our beliefs.

Tranquillity of thoughts is an indicator of emotional storms to come.

Why make haste if you can achieve by being at ease.

Anger is a state of mind that alienates rational thinking.

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